The Shadow of the Wind
If you want to read something amazing that you have never read before, this book is for you! Warning though! You will really be engrossed!

Carlos Ruiz Zafòn created a book which is known all over the world. You won’t even notice when you finish reading it. It is a story from the past wrapped in a blood-curdling mystery… One day a young boy, Daniel Sempere, a bookseller’s son, goes with his father to the cemetery of forgotten books. A book which he finds changes his life dramatically. He wants to find out more about Julian Carax, the author of the book, but it can be dangerous… Somebody burns all the books which Carax has written! Moreover, somebody is on his heels and does everything to interfere with him. The desperate boy tries to unravel this secret.

With the course of the novel Daniel can find love, friends but also can lose his life. All of this takes place in a miraculous scenery of Barcelona. Interesting characters, captivating storyline and amazing turns of events… Surely you will be more than surprised at the end of this book!

Ala Markowska (1bLO)