Niedługo zapoznamy się z najnowszym numerem naszego czasopisma anglojęzycznego AimHigh, a tymczasem możemy przeczytać tekst Magdy Szeli (3a Liceum), w którym opowiada, jak narodziła się jej miłość do języka hiszpańskiego i wszystkiego, co pochodzi z kręgu kulturowego związanego z tym pięknym językiem. 


Do you know how your life can look when you are in love completely? Everything changes then, you feel on top of the world, you see through rose-coloured glasses. Notwithstanding reality you are content. Imagine, these are my feelings when I am with my love.

The biggest adventure of my life started when I was twelve more less. For starters, I am talking about first moments. I was a small girl who did not know reality and who could live only in dreams. Soap operas taught me this way of perceiving the world. Every afternoon I watched them with my grandomother and sometimes with my mother too. They built my viewpoint. I watched some love stories about lovers, in Spanish called „amantes”. Honestly, it is not my favourite word in this language because I really love all of them. They all sound like a melody.

Thanks to these histories, I fell in love with Spanish language, seriously! Firstly, I thought it was Mexican language. I did not know then that Mexican did not exist. I learnt that later thanks to my mother. Spanish is official language in twenty countries. Amazing, right? I agree! I could not become aware of it eight years ago. I still cannot believe! Now I can talk with all people from these territories. It sounds incredible. Before the middle school I told my mum „I will not go where there is no Spanish”.

I started learning and it was no easy in the beginning. I remember my first bad mark, I got one, the worst! Yet, day by day I was falling in love more and more. I decided to go for an exchange to Cabeza la Vaca which literally means „pig’s head”. Such a playful name! On the penultimate day of my stay, Inma, the woman who hosted me for a week, invited me for holidays. I was tickled pink! I went on 27th of July and I came back on 17th of August.

I remember the dates because they are important for me. I formed friendships and I still am in touch with some of them. After the first grade of the high school I went with my friend (Mela) in Barcelona. Such a lovely city! I swear to you. The best one to live. It has everything! I mean – international atmosphere, beautiful beaches so also the sea and over three hundred sunny days a year. By and large, I am going to study in this paradise but nothing is certain because of the COVID-19 virus.

I would like to encourage you to take part in the international exchanges. Later you will have unforgettable memories. What is interesting, I have been to Spain ten times and I always want more and more. What are your plans? Do you have similar experience? What will happen only time will tell.