Na zewnątrz piękna pogoda, wybitnie niezimowa, co skłania nas do podjęcia pracy nad nowym numerem anglojęzycznego czasopisma AimHigh (#70). Choć gazetka będzie wiosenna, pierwszy temat jednak nieco zimowy – o fascynującej dyscyplinie sportowej, curlingu, opowie nam Oliwia Zielińska. Zapraszamy!

All you need to know about CURLING 

Curling is a team sport that originated in Scotland but is very popular in Canada. It is a really interesting sport discipline with a rich history. Did you know that it was first played in the 16th century? The game has evolved over time and now it is played in many countries around the world. It became an official Winter Olympic sport in 1998. It has gained popularity worldwide since then. Curling is not just a sport, but it also has its own traditions and etiquette. For example, players show respect to their opponents, plus maintaining good sportsmanship is important during the game.

It is played on a specially prepared ice surface called a „sheet”. The objective of the game is to place the stones as close as possible to the centre of the target called the „house”. Players use special brooms to control the trajectory of the stones, either by sweeping the ice to increase or decrease the curl or by changing the direction of the stone. In curling, strategy and teamwork are key. The players communicate and plan their shots together to outmanoeuvre their opponents. It’s a sport that requires precision, skill, and coordination.

One unique aspect of curling is the sweeping technique. When the players sweep the ice in front of the moving stone, it can affect its speed and direction. It’s fascinating to see how sweeping can make a difference in the outcome of the game. Sweeping creates friction, which can help the stone travel farther or curl more. Curling is often called „chess on ice” because of the strategic elements involved. Teams need to plan their shots carefully and anticipate the moves of their opponents. There are two types of brooms (brushes) used in curling – traditional corn brooms and modern synthetic brooms. The choice of broom can impact the game, as different sweeping techniques are used with each type. Curling stones are made of granite and can weigh up to 44 pounds. The handles on the stones allow players to grip and release them accurately. A bonspiel is a curling tournament or competition. It’s a chance for teams to compete against each other and showcase their skills.

Curling is not just about competition, it is also a social sport. After the game, players often gather for a friendly chat and enjoy some refreshments together. It is a great way to bond with teammates and…. opponents! (Oliwia Lenart 3c)