Hania, nasza świeżo upieczona absolwentka, która właśnie zakończyła sesję maturalną, przygotowuje się do najdłuższych wakacji w życiu i przekonuje nas, ze największą przygodą wakacyjną, jaką młody człowiek może przeżyć jest… No właśnie co? Przeczytajmy! Artykuł ukaże się w letnim wydaniu naszego anglojęzycznego periodyku AimHigh. 


We Will Build The Gate From Hearts…

Many people dream of the greatest adventure of their lives. When you are the scout, you experience this adventure in summer every year. I’m talking about scout camps. But this is not just an ordinary trip, like other hotel vacations, because you spend three weeks in the forest with a scout group Would you like to experience the adventure of your lifetime?

First of all, this is not a trip for people who like comfort and sleep a lot. We always come to a clearing in the forest, where we have to build all the structures out of wood with our own fair hands. We build a washroom, a kitchen, some latrines, the dining area and even beds. We also sleep in huge, military tents. Scouts help each other in their chores. We work hard but we have a lot of fun. We learn how to cooperate and, for example, use tools, which is useful in adulthood. 

Secondly, during the camp we take part in different activities. We have many workshops – we learn to sing new songs, sew beautifully, make from clay or cook on a fire. We also have outdoor games. Every day we have campfires together where we sing to the sounds of a guitar and get to know each other. Once during the camp we go on the journey to discover new places for example to see historical cities, meet known people or to see the beauty of nature in national parks. When the weather is nice, we often go swimming in the lake, canoeing or sailing. No one will be bored with us.

In addition to various activities, everyone has tasks at the camp. It is a kind of service. Every day, a group of scouts cook tasty meals for the others. Here you can try a little bit of burnt tomato soup, delicious lecho and broth. If you’re lucky, you might eat dumplings. At the same time, others are responsible for order. They are the ones who rescue you with toilet paper. There is also a liturgical service here – the scouts sing during Holy Mass on Sunday and they are involved in the preparing of it. 

A scout camp is not only an amazing adventure. You can also learn many useful skills there. You meet kind people who often become lifelong friends. You can see many fabulous places and try new, exciting things. These skills will be useful in your everyday life. So what? Do you want to try it? 

Hania Kaniewska