Are you tired of being tired?


Sleep is fundamental to life like water or food. However, we often forget how important it is. Most of  us don’t observe the rules of the sleep hygiene.

When we hear the word “hygiene” we usually think about washing hands or brushing teeth after meals.

„Sleep hygiene” is term used to describe good sleep practices and habits. I’ll cite some of them in this article. Here are most important sleep hygiene tips:

  • Plan your day, try to wake up at the same time every day.
  • Don’t take naps longer than half an hour;
  • Eat supper at the latest two hours before you go to sleep;
  • When you are awake get up after 10 minutes, don’t stay in bed longer;
  • Remember that people need from seven to ten hours of sleep per day;
  • You shouldn’t eat, watch TV or read in bed;
  • Don’ try to fall asleep at a push;
  • Remove the clock from your view in the bedroom;
  • Air your bedroom before you go to sleep;
  • Physical activity is important, too.

You don’t want to sleep badly and be always tired? Just try to follow the above rules!

Gosia Rodzewicz 3G (2017)