Wracamy z serią artykułów publikowanych w szkolnym periodyku „AimHigh”. Teksty, o przeróżnej tematyce, pisane są przez uczniów naszej szkoły. Opiekunem redakcji jest p. Piotr Sołodyna.   

Everyone knows some life hacks for example: opening a bottle of wine without corkscrew, fitting in more clothes in wardrobe or maybe organizing your cables on the desk. There are many of them but have you ever thought: „How do they work ?” Probably not, but now you have a chance to do so.

First life hack is good for shocking your friends at the party. You just need to put some drink to a freezer and cool it down to temperature a little bit below 0°C and after you hit the bottle, liquid inside it will instantly freeze. How does it work? When you hit the bottle you disturb the molecules creating nucleation sites that allow ice crystals to form and those crystals are spreading all over the liquid, making it solid. Enjoy your frozen drink!

The next one is making ice with a deodorant. It’s very simple. You need to put some water in a plastic bag and spray it with deodorant. After short time it will freeze because of the injection. In process of injection liquid transforms into gas because of the lowering pressure. That process requires some amount of energy. Transformation proceeds really violently and system has no time to take energy from surrounding and it must use its own internal energy which is connected with lowering temperature of  the substance. That’s why the gas coming from a can is cold.

As you can see, science makes our life easier and it is not a just a bunch of patterns and theories but it surrounds us. It’s everywhere!

[David Mazur 3a Gimnazjum]