A new season  is up. Autumn is a time when we take hot tea and snuggle up in a blanket next to the TV. The leaves slowly change from green to warm orange and red. These are the colours that make us feel cozy. This season they are the new trend.

Girls love to wear uggs and high boots so they can fit big fuzzy socks underneath. They feel fashionable as well as comfortable. Last year all coats for girls were  made in the exact same style. Green, long and baggy. I couldn’t find any other ones so I bought one too. Everyone looked the same.

This year a lot has changed, although they are still popular, long trench jackets started to be the new thing. Not a lot of people have them but all stores sell them. I think it’s great when shops have different things in store, then everyone can choose their clothes to match their personality and style. When everyone wears the same thing it’s boring.

This season it’s all going to change, so get your wallets ready and prepare your loved ones for some money loss. We just can’t resist a good quality jumper or most importantly shoes.

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