Spring is just around the corner…

So winter is over, spring has just come! We should all start preparing, don’t you think? I know that some people don’t like to get out of their comfort zone which is winter blankets, pillows and so on. So this is what you should be wearing in 2018!  Bracelets, crop tops , off the shoulder tops they are all the rage. Don’t forget the beautiful lacy tops and the most important trend… STRIPES. If you haven’t been seeing flowery striped pants everywhere then literally where have you been?! Every model and actress in the world is wearing them and, let’s be real, we want to be them.

You’re probably wondering what can you wear if you’re on a budget. There are a lot of things that are in style that you might already have in your closet. You might own a denim jacket, which goes with everything or just a white t-shirt that you can tuck into your shorts. Don’t worry they are still trendy. Anything simple and neutral will never go out of style. Remember don’t wear two patterns at the same time, one is enough!

I know you probably own at least one bomber jacket but let me tell you they are old news. Don’t throw it out just yet because they will come back in a couple of years like a lot of things, for example chokers, which I’m not a fun of, but a lot of people in the 90s loved them as well as now. Have fun and stay fashionable.

Kisses. Ola Król (3aG)