Nie wiecie, jak zaplanowa膰 sobie czas w wakacje? mamy pomys艂! 馃槈 23 lipca odb臋dzie si臋 s艂ynny wy艣cig Formu艂y 1 na torze Hungaroring, niedaleko Budapesztu. Nie jeste艣cie fanami motoryzacji? F1 to co艣 wi臋cej ni偶 samochody. Przekonajcie si臋 sami czytaj膮c artyku艂 Ani Zaj膮c (z klasy 1/2b), kt贸ra jest fank膮 „kr贸lowej sport贸w motorowych”. Jej tato, p. Piotr Zaj膮c, jest fotoreporterem akredytowanym na wy艣cigi, co jest w 艣wiecie fotograf贸w sportowych ogromnych osi膮gni臋ciem i wyr贸偶nieniem (jego zdj臋cie towarzyszy artyku艂owi Ani). Czytamy po angielsku!

Formula 1

Formula 1 is a prestigous car racing competition that takes place all over the world. It鈥檚 known for its high speed races, advanced technology and skilled drivers.
But Formula 1 is not all about racing. It has a lot of rules that have to be followed. There are 10 teams on the grid. Each team has 2 drivers who compete in races. There are also speed limits a bit different for every race track, and rules about pit stops (places for changing tires and making small repairs during the race). In the pitstop all 4 tires are changed in few seconds (last year鈥檚 record was 1.8 of a second!), whreas your dad changes them in more or less 45 minutes.
Formula 1 championship interests a lot of people. The Grand Prix Monaco (probably the most famous race), which is held every May in Monte Carlo, is one of street circuts and also attracts a lot of actors and celebrities. Just before Monaco race weekend, there is film festiwal in Cannes.

And what about training? Thinking that F1 drivers only have to drive the car is very wrong. They must train a lot. They need to have strong arm muscules, legs, necks (!), etc. Their weight is also important and determined by the rules. Drivers want to be light to achieve greater speed of the car. After they finish a race, the FIA officials check their weight (with a suit and a helmet) and if it is improper , the driver can be moved to a lower position or his team can get a penalty.

Everyone wants to win. All the drivers and teams collect points through the season and at the end the driver with the most points wins the drivers championship and, likewise, the team with the most points win the constructors鈥 championchip.

This season so far has been dominated by the Red Bull (team) driver Max Verstapen. He won the drivers championship last season, just like his team Red Bull. This year he is leading too. The current world champion (Max) has won almost every race. Provided there is no unexpected event, Max Verstapen is most likely to win this year鈥檚 drivers championship along with Red Bull. I strongly recommend watching the F1 races and supporting your favourite team and driver!

Anna Zaj膮c