Aim High Magazine #69: David Goggins – the toughest man in the world


David Goggins to postać zdecydowanie inspirująca. Historia jego życia, o pokonywaniu życiowych trudności, sile umysłu, dyscyplinie, pokazuje, że siła charakteru i wytrwałość mogą przezwyciężyć wszelkie przeciwności. Piotr Najbar przedstawia tę niezwykłą postać na łamach szkolnego anglojęzycznego czasopisma AimHigh – zapraszamy do lektury!

David Goggins – the toughest man in the world

Have you heard of David Goggins? He was one of the best American soldiers of „Navy Seals”, besides he has had unusual achievements in sports, for example the IronMan run in 11 hours and 24 minutes (which is crazy!) and the ultramarathon „Ultra–Trail du Mont Blanc”, which he finished in 30 hours and 49 minutes. I heard about him before and because of his discipline and determination he motivated me to start going to a gym. I bought his autobiography entiled David Goggins – „Can’t hurt me” and read it with interest.

The story starts when he was living with his parents and a brother. His dad was known to be be a very kind person, but in reality, when in private, he was turing into a monster. After a couple years his mum decided to get out of the situation and because of that she and his sons ran from him to their mum’s parents, to live normal life. In further life David encountered many difficulties that affected his personality and created an indestructible person.

The breaktrough in his life was when he saw Navy Seals program live on TV. The determination in their eyes inspired him to change his life. His weight at that moment was 120 kg and he couldn’t even run 20 meters. He had 3 months to lose weight to 80 kilos, which was almost impossible. Because of his incredible motivation and vision for a new life, he started consuming 1000 calories a day and doing very exhausting trainings. He qualified to the Navy Seals tests and passed them all after a long struggle.

David Goggins is known for being the toughest man in the world. Because of his supernatural habits, despite difficulties, he never gave up and achieved all goals he’d set for himself. He also shows that even from the deepest, darkest place in your life you can still comeback and live happily. (Piotrek Najbar, 2b)