Motorcycles – not just for men!

There is a stereotype that only men are interested in cars or motorbikes. It isn’t true! When I was little, my dad bought another motorcycle. I often went with him to the garage, where I totally came to share his passion. Later, many times we were together at various motorbiker rallies.

When I walk into the garage I feel very happy that I can see our tools or accessories. They say that people who like the smell of the garage aren’t normal. Maybe, but when it comes to passion, you automatically like even the smells and other seemingly unpleasant things related with it.

From my own experience, I can say that the biggest pleasure is meeting people with the same interests as yours.  It’s great when several thousand people arrive at a place to spend time together just talking, singing and eating together. I think that my passion – motorbikes – appeals more to people who like noise and adrenaline, but everyone can find their favourite thing as far as vehicles are concerned.


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