On May 12 2017 Harry Styles released his solo album. It contains 10 songs that are significantly different from the songs sung by him in the One Direction. The album is in rock style, however, there are also a few  pop songs. The singles promoting the album are: Sign of the Times and Sweet Creature.

After releasing their debut single, many journalists called him „young David Bowie”. „Sign of the Times” also beat Adele record. The single became the song that reached the# 1 spot in American iTunes. „Hello” by Adele took 50 minutes while „Sign of the Times” only took 19 minutes.

The album is very controversial. The performer doesn’t give a precise interpretation of the songs, saying only that they are very personal, and everyone can interpret the album differently.

In my opinion, the album is quite different from its earlier creation, and Styles, starting a solo project, could express himself. The vocalist has developed very well and has a chance to achieve really much.

Agnieszka Zielińska 2bG (2017)